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Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation

Judy Quisenberry, MBA

Executive Director
Mrs. Quisenberry has been with the Foundation since its inception in 2011. She sets the vision and oversees all operations of The Legacy Foundation and has served in this capacity since 2018.

Kimberly Anderson, CPA

Finance Director
Ms. Anderson joined the Foundation in 2011 and oversees all financial and accounting aspects of The Legacy Foundation.

Evelyn Garza

Senior Grants Specialist
Mrs. Garza joined the Foundation in 2015, manages a grants portfolio and leads the Grants Department to ensure the grants program runs efficiently and provides high-quality services to non-profits and all community partners.

Janie Reyes-Almanza

Senior Accountant & HR Professional
Mrs. Almanza joined the Foundation in 2011 and is responsible for day-to-day accounting, payroll and human resource functions of The Legacy Foundation.

Bernadette Perez, MPA

Grants Specialist
Ms. Perez joined the Grants Department in 2019 and manages a grants portfolio. She also assists in oversight of grant management duties.

Alondra Willis, MBA

Grants Associate
Ms. Willis joined the Foundation in 2022. She provides administrative and grants management support to the Grants Department and serves as the liaison for the Board of Directors. In addition, she assists with the administration of the scholarship program.

Rebecca James

Program Assistant
Mrs. James joined the Foundation in 2023. She provides support to the Grants Department and is responsible for the administration of our scholarship program. In addition, she assists with various community programs including our mammogram fund and breast prosthesis fund.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Legacy Foundation maintains a Conflict of Interest Policy for its staff and Board to ensure independence and integrity in its grant recommendations. Staff and Board members may not accept any form of compensation, gifts, or favors from any organization or representative that anticipates submitting a grant proposal to the Foundation, has submitted a proposal, or has received a grant. Additionally, the staff and Board of the Foundation may not accept free invitations to fund-raising events or participate in feasibility studies.  Efforts to influence staff or Board outside the stated application process will result in a dis-favorable recommendation or even disqualification of the grant request.  Please be respectful of the burden of responsibility that those making funding decisions face and do not place additional pressure upon them – it will only work to your disadvantage.