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Grantmaking Overview

The Legacy Foundation funds organizations that improve the quality of health in the lower Rio Grande area. It is our goal to work with others – both financially and strategically – to measurably improve the overall health in our area in the short- and long-term. If you work with a qualifying organization striving to achieve the same goals, please consider applying for a grant.

In order to strategically distribute foundation funds and streamline our process for our applicants, The Legacy Foundation has created a grant program that consists of several types of grants; Responsive,  Collaborative, Matching and Foundation Initiatives. Please read the following descriptions to determine which type of grant your organization should consider.  Our entire grant making process is handled online, please go to the home page and click "apply here" to get started.

Responsive Grants:

The Legacy Foundation will accept single year requests up to $50,000 from any qualified organization that meets our other eligibility requirements.  These grants are for projects or programs that support specific activities carried out over a defined period of time and/or planned to achieve a specific result or goal.

Collaborative Grants:

The Legacy Foundation will both accept and initiate (through an RFP process) applications for Collaborative Grants, requests that fall between $50,000 - $500,000.  These are meant to encourage collaboration among organizations working on larger projects, but a single organization's larger project could qualify as well.  Collaborative Grants involving various partners can be strengthened by providing Letters of Support within the application which fully describe the nature of the project and collaboration. 

Matching Grants:

We believe it is important to collaborate with funders to leverage funding and maximize our impact. If your organization is seeking matching funds or has secured funding that requires a match, please contact our office for instructions on how to apply. Once reviewed, the Foundation will notify the organization and if approved, a more in-depth application will be required.

Foundation Initiatives:

The Legacy Foundation will seek out projects that support our strategic goals.  Some examples of these could be large capital grants, emergency funding in the case of a crisis, participation in funding collaboratives, studies to assess healthcare needs in our area and so many more.  These grants will typically exceed $500,000.  Organizations who receive these grants will meet all our eligibility requirements.

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Our website has all the information you will need to get started, such as our guidelines and eligibility requirements, deadlines, application process and our online application. You may also contact our office by phone at (956) 335-3040.