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VHCN Fall 2018 Scholarships - L-R: Melissa Mendoza, Valerie Neeley, Maria Aguirre, Dr. Hanley, Jacqueline Munguia, and Karina Yanez (not pictured: Juan Sanchez, Alice Eure, and Myra Garcia)

VHCN Fall 2018 Scholarships - L-R: Recipients Valerie Neely and Karina Yanez (not pictured: Alice Eure)


Tom Mason presented the Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mason Scholarship to (L-R) Clarissa Hausler, Christopher Hinojosa, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Lucas.
This scholarship is awarded to students who achieve outstanding clinical achievement at the end of Level I and at the time of graduation.

Dr. Tina presented the Dr. Vicente (Beau) Briones Memorial Scholarship to Clarissa Hausler (left) and Lisa Cruz (right). This scholarship is awarded to the individuals who have consistently demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

(L-R) Mrs. Johnnie Hahs and daughter Erin Soliz, presented the Doris Johnson Sturdivant Memorial Scholarship to graduate Claudia Rangel. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has put others above self in the community as well as in vocation.

Paula Cruz, center, presented the Paula Cruz Nursing Scholarship to Elizabeth Lucas (left) and Claudia Rangel (right).
Thank you to the family and friends of Mrs. Paula Cruz for establishing this scholarship to honor her 48 plus years of Nursing Service to the hospital.
The recipients of this award are recognized for their work above and beyond their normal duties and assignments.