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The Legacy Foundation is proud to provide financial support to individuals working toward a career in healthcare – from nurses to technicians to doctors and more!

The foundation manages the following scholarship funds:

Drs. Heinrich and Annie Lamm Memorial Scholarship

The Lamm Scholarship Fund is a voluntary project of the Valley Baptist Health System medical and dental staff for the benefit of aspiring students in the health sciences. The memorial fund was established by the late Dr. John Ferris, Dr. Max Harris, the late Dr. George Toland and the late Dr. Tom Klug to honor over 40 years of medical service in the Rio Grande Valley given by Drs. Heinrich and Annie Lamm. The committee will award scholarships to selected individuals who are pursuing a career in a health related profession.
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Valley Health Care Network Nursing Scholarship

The Valley Health Care Network, an organization comprised of physicians and the medical center entity, established this scholarship opportunity to assist individuals with some of the costs involved in pursuing a license or degree in nursing and to help alleviate the shortage of nursing in the Rio Grande Valley.
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Joe Davis Ballenger Memorial Nursing Grant

This nursing grant was established in memory of Joe Davis Ballenger by Joe Charles and Rebecca Ballenger. The grant will be awarded to a graduate who has successfully obtained licensure from the Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners and intends to pursue an Associate, Bachelors or Masters Degree in Nursing.
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Willis H. Jondahl Memorial Fund Scholarship

This fund is created to promote continuing educational opportunities for obstetrical nursing personnel of Cameron County hospitals, and midwifery education or training to promote the best possible nursing care for obstetrical patients.

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Beverly Joyce White Memorial Scholarship for Hospice Nursing Staff

The scholarship is awarded to hospice nursing staff who are pursuing a certification in hospice palliative care or other related education offerings.

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As we are able, we also plan to provide scholarship support to institutions with healthcare programs in areas of particular need. In these cases, we will fund the institution, which will in turn accept, evaluate and award scholarships based on their own criteria. As these programs are instituted, we will update our website with links to access those scholarship applications.