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Drs. Heinrich and Annie Lamm Memorial Scholarship

Information and Guidelines for Applicants

1.         Scholarships are awarded by the Lamm Scholarship Committee to assist individuals who are pursuing a career in a health related profession.

2.         Applicant must be an employee of a hospital in Cameron or Willacy County, enrolled in an accredited or approved college, university or technical college.  The course of study must lead to a degree in a health related profession.

3.         Eligible expenses covered include tuition, books and required fees.  (Expenses not covered, include but are not limited to, transportation, parking fees, health insurance, living costs, uniforms, baby sitting, etc.)

4.         The maximum amount of assistance allowed per semester will be $850 for up to two semesters per year, unless changed by the committee.  All applicants are expected to complete a minimum of six credit hours per year.  Failure to continue their education at this rate will make them ineligible for this Scholarship Program.  Appeals on this matter may be made in writing to the Medical and Dental Scholarship Committee.

5.         Monies received from the scholarship fund are considered non-taxable income to the recipient when the course is part of a degree program or offered by a recognized institution for educational purposes.

6.         Applicants must list other scholarship assistance, if any.

7.         Priority may be given to applicants already receiving scholarship assistance to allow them to complete their course work.

8.         Scholarship recipients must furnish documentation of courses taken, completed and the grades received.  In no case will further assistance be granted without this information.  Students must make a C or better and not drop the course in order to be considered for assistance the following semester.

In awarding scholarship assistance, consideration will be given to the following:

  • Financial need of applicant
  • Importance of skills or knowledge to work in a hospital
  • Recommendations of supervisors, administrators and physicians
  • Number of other applicants
  • Available funds

Applications are limited to one semester only, but may be submitted each semester.

Application forms may be downloaded from this site.  Please mail them to our office:  1267 N. Stuart Place Rd., Harlingen TX 78552

Completed applications must be returned to the Foundation Office by July 15th for the Fall Semester or December 15th for the Spring Semester.